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Club History

Leatherhead Cricket Club was officially formed in 1850.

The club is fortunate to have preserved the original scorebooks as far back as 1892 and an unbroken sequence of minute books from 1906 to 1972. These not only throw light on the history of the club but also an insight into the changing social scene over that period.

There is plenty of evidence of cricket being played in the area before 1850. The earliest mention of local cricket was in Dorking in 1730. In 1840 Dorking's fixture list included a Leatherhead Match.

Lord Alverston's & C.W.Alcock in their massive Surrey Cricket: Its History & Associations (1902) attests to the popularity of the game, often between scratch teams in the villages and towns of old Surrey. There is reference to a match played at Leatherhead in August 1843 between West Surrey and Royal Clarence at which plans for a revived Surrey County Cricket Club were revived.

There are a few copies of the Millennium Booklet and the 161 years cricket at Leatherhead at the club - in it are listed a few 'lasts'.

Last man out - David Gange

Last 50 - Matt Baker

Last Duck - Jonathon Symes

Last run of the Century - Anthony Joblin

Last wicket taken - Anthony Joblin

Last No-Ball - Jonathon Symes

Last catch dropped - Richard Slinn

Last catch dropped off - Clive Huggins

Last wide bowled by - Clive Huggins

Last ball bowled by - Clive Huggins

There are many of the old score books, minute books and photographs around the clubhouse.